Make a Reservation

A "ring bell for assistance" sign is displayed on an office desk, along with a container of flower pens.

Classrooms & Small Rooms

Request a room at (Language Center Room Request)

Multimedia Lab & Student Lounge

Request to use as a lab or lounge at (Language Center Room Request)

  • Although the lab/lounge is intended as primarily a walk-in space for students, it may occasionally be reserved for conversation and reading groups, and other special events.  
  • Reservations may be made by students, instructors and staff, but the event must include or directly benefit students.
  • Last minute reservations for this space are not permitted. Please request at least a week in advance. 

Checkout Equipment

Request equipment at (Language Center Patron Portal)

  • Reservations are recommended, but not required. Equipment is also available on a walk-in basis when it is available.
  • Review the Language Center equipment checkout & reservation policies and Patron Portal instructions and FAQ before you submit your requests.
  • If you have questions about the best equipment to meet your needs, or do not see what you need on the portal, you may email or call 612-624-6811 to discuss.