Certificates of Advanced Proficiency

Certificates of Advanced Proficiency

Advanced learners of ChineseFrenchGerman, and Spanish have the opportunity to complete the Certificate of Advanced Proficiency in their language.

These certificate programs are intended for undergraduate students who are interested in achieving advanced-level proficiency, and having their skills formally recognized. The final elements of the certificate programs, the self-assessments and the critical reflection essay, are online and the ACTFL tests are in-person.

New Certificate students need to complete the four self-assessments and critical reflection essays by the end of the day Friday, October 7, 2022. Students who are interested in retaking the tests are encouraged to contact the appropriate language program right away:

Chinese = Schedule an appointment

French = Email frenstds@umn.edu

German = Email rahd0001@umn.edu

Spanish = Email SPAdvise@umn.edu

Students can also contact the Language Testing Program with questions about the tests. 

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