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The Language Center’s mission involves “promoting research on educational technology, second language acquisition, and related disciplines.” As such, Language Center facilities and staff are available to support and contribute to research projects investigating all areas related to second language acquisition, including applications of technology. 

Research Projects

Research may involve a number of initiatives underway in the Language Center, including, but not limited to:

  • Remote and online language teaching and learning
  • Technology use for language instruction at a distance through BigTen Courseshare
  • Technology-mediated videoconferencing for language and culture exchange through the TandemPlus program
  • Proficiency development through data collected as part of the PACE project
  • Development of Advanced-level proficiency in traditional upper-division content courses
  • Curriculum design and delivery

Opportunities and Resources

Language Center staff are available for consultation regarding:

  • Research project design and implementation
  • Conference proposals and presentations
  • Publishing
  • Language Center resources

For more information about conducting research through the Language Center, please visit the Conducting LC-Supported Research webpage. To set up a consultation or ask questions, please contact Kate Paesani (

LC Research Bibliography

This bibliography documents research work undertaken using Language Center resources and includes publications, conference presentations, and workshops.