PhD in Linguistics

The PhD in linguistics is intended for students who wish to pursue an academic career in research and teaching of linguistics. Students complete coursework in all major subfields of linguistics and work closely with an advisor to design an individualized plan of study beyond these core courses that allows them to achieve depth and specialization in a chosen subfield.

We offer 5 years of financial aid to PhD students in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, instructor positions, and fellowships.


  • MA coursework
  • Advanced level courses covering core areas of language structure (phonology & syntax) (6 credits), a second semester course in field methods (4 credits), and at least three 5xxx or 8xxx-level Topics or Seminar courses in linguistics, to be determined in consultation with your advisor
  • 9 credits in a related field and 24 thesis credits
  • Students will need to pass preliminary written and oral exams, as well as complete and defend their dissertation


Students must demonstrate competence (the equivalent of two or more years of study) in one language other than English. Competence can be demonstrated in a number of ways including: transcripts showing the highest level of language courses completed, results of a placement test, and native speaker status.

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