Early Modern Interest Group

Meeting time: Friday afternoons (about every other week—see the calendar below), 1:30–3:00 pm Central time
Meeting place: Hybrid format 737 Heller Hall and online via Zoom

The early modern interest group (EMIG) reads and discusses primary and secondary literature focused on natural philosophy from the early modern period, especially in the work of key philosophers such as Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant. Our basis for selecting readings is to study works that are routinely ignored in the philosophy curriculum. Natural philosophical discoveries and debates are often pertinent to understanding why these philosophers adopted particular positions or rejected others, and our goal is to become familiar with a wide range of these neglected works. For more information, please contact Bennett McNulty (mcnu0074@umn.edu).

Our meetings are informal, and some participants need to arrive late or leave early because of scheduling conflicts. All faculty and graduate students from the University of Minnesota and area colleges and universities are welcome to attend whenever they would like (without invitation), and without giving advanced notice. Undergraduates can be included by invitation. If you know of an undergraduate who is well suited and possibly interested, please contact Bennett McNulty (mcnu0074@umn.edu) so an invitation can be extended.

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Fall 2022

Please join our mailing list for the zoom invitation or email mcps@umn.edu

This semester EMIG will be reading  Margaret Cavendish: Essential Writings 2019 (Oxford New Histories of Philosophy) edited by David Cunning. Please secure your copy before the first meeting.

  • September 16:  Ch. 1, Worlds Olio, pp. 23–39
  • September 30: Ch. 2, Philosophical and Physical Opinions, pp. 40–58
  • October 14: Sutherland, Daniel,'Continuity and Intuition in Eighteenth-Century Analysis and in Kant'
    in Stewart Shapiro, and Geoffrey Hellman (eds) The History of Continua: Philosophical and Mathematical Perspectives (Oxford, 2020; online edn, Oxford Academic , 17 Dec. 2020), Ch7 pp 158-186.  https://doi.org/10.1093/oso/9780198809647.003.0008 (pdfDaniel Sutherland (UIC) will be visiting
  • October 28:  No meeting
  • November 11: Ch. 3, Philosophical Letters, pp. 59–98
  • December 9: Ch. 6, Poems and Fancies, pp. 151–170

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