Since its inception, CMS has regularly sent scholars—as panel and workshop organizers and as speakers—to the International Congress of Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University’s Medieval Institute.

This is the largest annual academic event focused on the Middle Ages. In addition to academic panels and workshops, there are performances, book exhibits, and various “medieval sundries.” Held each year in May, this event unites thousands of scholars of the Middle Ages. CMS regularly provides for transportation for graduate students from UMN to attend and participate.

In 2020 CMS sponsored three panels at Kalamazoo:

  • "Sword in Hand: Tools to Contextualize Medieval Material Culture in the Classroom and Public Events with the Oakeshott Institute (A Workshop)." 

  • "Object and Affect in Anglo- Saxon Texts." Organized by Maggie Heeschen, Andrea Waldrep, and Karen Soto

  • Getting to Their Mind through Their Plate: Food as Social Identity in the Medieval World." Organized by Erin Crowley

Two panels of interest may be:

  • "La corónica International Book Award: In Honor of S. J. Pearce for The Andalusi Literary and Intellectual Tradition: The Role of Arabic in Judah Ibn Tibbon's Ethical Will" (A Roundtable featuring Ryan Szpiech, David Wacks, Shamma Boyarin)
  • "Iberian Travelers in the Mediterranean" (Nico Parmley, Gregory Kaplan, Carol Smolen, Robert Hultgren)