Manuscript Research Lab

The Manuscript Research Lab (MMRL) is a CMS project designed to provide guidance on the study of manuscripts. The Laboratory is intended to provide practical guidance and training in the areas of text studies, text editing, paleography and codicology.

The workshop will:

  • introduce participants to the study of the medieval book as a physical object and a carrier of texts
  • provide an overview of the history of Latin script from antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages
  • give participants a chance to practice transcribing various medieval scripts from books and documents
  • introduce principles and conventions of documentary editing
  • allow participants to handle and examine original materials from the medieval period
  • orient participants to the use of digital and printed facsimiles and catalogues.

The workshop is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any institution as well as to faculty, independent scholars, and other individuals interested in manuscript studies and having a background in classics, medieval studies, or library studies.

Participants will have access to the Alcuin Library at Saint John's, which contains a collection of rare printed books and extensive research materials supporting manuscript studies, including many books and journals difficult to find elsewhere in the state.

The 2020 Manuscript Workshop will be held June 1-5, 2017 at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minnesota.

We will post the brochure and application here as soon as they are available.

The 2020 workshop fee schedule is listed below. Funds are available for University of Minnesota graduate students officially registered for the Medieval Studies minor. Other students are encouraged to inquire about the availability of funds from their own academic departments.

  • $940 includes workshop fee, air-conditioned housing for four nights, and all meals (three a day) and breaks.
  • $760 includes workshop fee and all meals (three a day) and breaks.
  • $710 includes workshop fee and air-conditioned housing for four nights.
  • $530 includes workshop fee only.