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Collaborative Piano & Coaching

Master of Music (MM)

The objective of this degree is to train pianists in the specialized skills of collaborative piano and coaching, encompassing extensive pianistic study of instrumental and vocal collaborative repertoire; reduction of orchestral scores at the piano; Baroque performance practice; transposition; vocal and instrumental ensemble techniques; diction (English, French, German, Italian); and techniques of vocal coaching (song and opera).

"I chose to study collaborative piano because it represents a holistic and dynamic approach to music-making. Successful musical collaboration transcends the ego of any single performer—it touts the complete sound above all else, allowing access to a profound realm of artistry and expression. I feel lucky to work in a discipline that celebrates such a well-rounded approach." - Alex, graduate pianist

Program Requirements: Minimum 31 Credits

  1. Emphasis: 22 credits
    • MUSA 8324 Applied Collaborative Piano/Coaching: 16 credits
    • MUS 8131 Advanced Keyboard Skills: 2 credits
    • MUS 8110 Sonata Seminar: 2 credits
    • MUS 8170 Advanced Vocal Accompanying Skills and Repertoire: 2 credits
  2. Supporting program: Chosen in consultation with the advisor, student shall complete 9 credits of MUS 5xxx/8xxx level courses from the areas of musicology/ethnomusicology and theory/composition, with a minimum of one 3-credit course in each area
  3. Two recitals: One instrumental and one vocal
  4. Final oral examination.