Master of Music (MM)

The objective of the Master of Music in performance degree is to provide the student with a period of organized, focused study in preparation for a career in music performance and teaching. We offer performance degrees in Guitar, Organ, Piano, Voice, and Instrumental Performance (Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Woodwinds).

Apply and audition

For your MM, you will be expected to meet the following requirements:

  • 16 credits of applied study
  • 2-10 credits of emphasis courses, depending on the area of study
  • 9 credits of music theory and musicology/ethnomusicology courses
  • 1-2 credits of ensemble participation, depending on the area of study
  • 2-6 credits of elective courses (except piano and voice)
  • Completion of recital
  • Final Examination

Requirements for the MM in Music