Music Education

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

in Music Education 
in Music Education with an Emphasis in Music Therapy

The doctoral degree program in music education and music therapy emphasizes the preparation of music administrators, teachers, therapists, and researchers who are able to think abstractly, generalize knowledge, carry on research and apply research results to their areas of specialization, and communicate effectively both orally and in written form. Additional scholarly studies are recommended in appropriate fields in social sciences, humanities, arts, education, and health, among others. 

The equivalent of 3 years of full-time clinical experience as a music therapist is required as a pre-requisite for admission to the PhD in Music Education with an Emphasis in Music Therapy.

For your PhD, you will be expected to meet the following requirements, including your post-baccalaureate study from other institutions:

  • 12 credits in foundation courses in music education
  • 9 credits in research and data analysis courses
  • 12 credits of electives in music education
  • 18 credits of music coursework
  • 15 credits of electives in any supporting field
  • Completion of written and oral preliminary exam
  • Completion of thesis or final project
  • Completion of final oral examination

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