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Music Education

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctorate in Music Education
The Doctorate in Music Education with an Emphasis in Music Therapy

The doctoral degree program in music education and music therapy emphasize the preparation of music administrators, teachers, therapists, and researchers who are able to think abstractly, generalize knowledge, carry on research and apply research results to their areas of specialization, and communicate effectively both orally and in written form. Additional scholarly studies are recommended in appropriate fields in social sciences, humanities, arts, education, and health, among others. 

Doctor of Philosphy: Music Education
90 credits are required for graduation.

Music Education/Music Therapy Foundations (12)

  • 9 credits of Music Education/Music Therapy Foundations (MUED 82xx)
    MUED 8280: Current Trends in Music Education/Music Therapy - May be repeated twice (taken three times)
    MUED 8211: Foundations of Music Education
  • 3 credits: MUED 8284: Seminar in College Music Teaching

​Research and Data Analysis (12)

  • 6 credits of Introductory Research courses equivalent to MUED 8112: Introduction to Research Methods and Design in Arts Education and MUED 8118: Qualitative Research in Arts Education
  • 6 credits of Research and Data Analysis courses: These could include MUED 8115: Assessment in Arts Education, MUED 8119, or Mixed Methods, Statistical Analysis, Research in Music Therapy, etc. with advisor approval

Music Education/ Music Therapy Electives (12)

  • 12 additional credits in Music Education or Music Therapy
  • In Music Education, at least three semesters of DocSem (8900) are required

Concentration - [Outside of Music Education/ Music Therapy] (9)

  • A focused collection of 9 related credits in appropriate fields in music, social sciences, humanities, arts, education, and health, among others, with advisor approval (e.g., conducting, special needs, health sciences, administration)

Supporting Program (21)

  • 5xxx/8xxx, Courses from the following:
    • Music 
    • Liberal Arts
    • Professional Education
    • Other areas in consultation with advisor


  • 24 credits of thesis

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