Music Therapy

Students in our music therapy program will enter a profession that utilizes music to address non-musical goals. Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BCs) can work in schools, psychiatric facilities, hospice settings, medical hospitals, long-term care centers, private practice, and rehabilitation centers.

Our students can expect a rigorous education with an emphasis on utilizing the best available research. In our on-campus Music Therapy Clinic, students are able to observe music therapy and treat patients. Our faculty and students are actively engaged in clinical research at the University's Medical Center and in the community. The Twin Cities offers a plethora of clinical sites for music therapy student experiences.

Music Therapy Faculty


Music Therapy Clinic

The University of Minnesota Music Therapy Program is one of the few programs in the country that has an on-campus clinic. This clinic is connected to an adjoining observation booth via one-way mirrors, thus allowing students the opportunity to observe music therapy sessions with a number of different clinical populations. The observation booth is equipped with high-quality technological instruments and computers for data collection during research studies. Music therapy students in their junior and senior years provide supervised services in the clinic.

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