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Valerie Tiberius standing to the left of Juliette Cherbuliez in a kitchen

The Recipe for Happiness

Valerie Tiberius has published extensively on well-being and how we value it. She believes everyone has a personal recipe for well-being and recognizing that can help you live a fulfilling life. She discusses her ideas, their influence on her teaching, and how they have been useful to psychologists and psychiatrists.
Marching Band Indoor Concert

Outfitting the Pride

From mismatched military-inspired garb to the more traditional maroon and gold attire of today, the University of Minnesota has donned an eclectic mix of uniforms over its 128-year history. The University of Minnesota Foundation's Fall 2019 issue of Legacy featured a gallery of historical marching band uniforms.
Detail from Smithsonian illustration of Kim Todd article

Undercover Girls

Associate Professor Kim Todd has studied "stunt reporters"—female newspaper writers in the 1880s and 1890s who went undercover to expose societal ills. This Q&A covers Todd's interest in these stunt reporters, how they changed journalism, and Todd's upcoming book which focuses on these reporters.

Admissions Choices

A recent study published in the journal Criminology raises questions about the policies of colleges. The study is by Robert Stewart, a sociology doctoral candidate and Christopher Uggen, the Martindale Chair in Sociology and Law.
Trump and Turkey

Trump’s mismanagement of the withdrawal from Syria hurt alliances — not the...

Many critics worry that the United States’ credibility as an ally is on the line now that President Trump has given a green light to Turkey to move against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).  But political science professor Ronald Krebs' research exploring the impact of military interventions on alliance credibility suggests these fears are potentially overblown.