Kamran Motevaze and Darian Schwietz Received the 2024 Staff Excellence Award

We are excited to announce that Kamran Motevaze and Darian Schwietz are recipients of the 2024 Psychology Staff Excellence Award. This award recognizes staff who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their overall performance, and who have made meaningful contributions to the Department of Psychology.

Kamran Motevaze

Kamran Motevaze was nominated by his supervisor, Sarah Jahn, as well as his peers among faculty and staff, for his pivotal role in financial management, accounting, procurement, and overseeing student appointments and payroll processing. Across the board, his nominators noted his diligence and kindness: "Kamran is the most kind-hearted and hardworking person I know" and "He is highly competent, a very hard worker, and intensely kind and thoughtful." Motevaze’s nominators also noted his effectiveness in handling intricate tasks, such as accurately managing over 200 student appointments per semester and ensuring everyone is paid on time, which is commendable. One colleague stressed the importance of a well-functioning payroll system, crucial for both the organizational success of departments like Psychology and the welfare of its members. Finally, his nominators described his exceptional customer service and unwavering readiness to assist others, even amidst demanding circumstances and all the pressure on his time, have not gone unnoticed. His seamless transition into additional responsibilities during staff turnover in 2023 exemplifies his commitment to maintaining operational continuity without compromising quality. Motevaze truly is excellent and we are deeply grateful to have him as a colleague.


Darian Schwietz

Darian Schwietz was nominated by her supervisor, Holley Locher, alongside directors and graduate students within the CSPR and PIB domains. Schwietz’s responsibilities include administrative coordination, student services support, event planning, and carrying out a variety of administrative tasks required to help maintain CSPR’s external accreditations. According to Schwietz’s nominators, she excels at supporting the graduate students in her areas, “providing [them] accessible and enthusiastic support, advocating for [their] needs, and going above and beyond to cultivate a climate of respect, inclusion, and belongingness…” Her profound understanding of the program and department, coupled with her warmth and compassion, solidifies her status as an indispensable member of the team, as described by a student nominator. Furthermore, her ingenuity shines through in her development of a computerized system, serving as a comprehensive database, report generator, and workflow manager. This system streamlines the tracking of practicum placements, assessments, and external reviews for CSPR students, meeting the stringent requirements of external accreditation. Her meticulous attention to detail and willingness to tackle complex technical projects significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the department, earning admiration from her peers. In every aspect of her work, Schwietz exemplifies excellence, and her contributions are invaluable to the department's success. We are profoundly fortunate to have her as part of our team.


Kamran Motevaze, Finance Professional in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. 

Darian Schwietz, Program Assistant for Clinical Science Psychopathology Research and Personality, Individual Differences, Behavior Genetics at the University of Minnesota. 

Composed by Madison Stromberg, communications assistant.

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