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Featured Alumni

The Department of Political Science has many distinguished undergraduate and graduate alumni.

Portrait of Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot

UMN PhD Appointed UN Representative for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Political science PhD alum Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot was recently appointed as the North American Representative on the United Nations Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Her vision is for the rights of Indigenous peoples to “become as common sense and taken for granted as other human rights are so that it would be unthinkable to violate them.”
Portrait of Lulete Mola, an African American woman. She is smiling and is pictured against a backdrop.

Who SHE is

Lulete Mola (BA ’14, political science) is a social change strategist and chief strategy and innovation officer at the Women's Foundation of Minnesota. Her purpose is to build power with individuals, families, and communities for real change. What follows is extracted from recent reflections she offered on how she realized her purpose in powering social change.
Portrait: Professor Timothy R Johnson


Professor Timothy Johnson wanted to shine a light on a rich primary source for researchers in political science and law--the handwritten notes of past Supreme Court justices. But first, he needed help from a few hundred citizen scientists.
Portrait: Ash Eberle

The Language of Revolution

The chance to study diverse subjects is just one of the many perks for a liberal arts education. Ash Eberle’s experience exemplifies the many paths to success that CLA provides. From Asian language and literature to political science to Spanish, this recent grad takes full advantage of the opportunities that come her way.
HB 2

Potty Politics

Last Wednesday, the North Carolina General Assembly convened an emergency session that cost the taxpayers of that state forty thousand dollars. The reason? To pass HB 2, officially known as the Public Facility Privacy and Security Act, or the “Charlotte bathroom bill.” What is HB 2? And why should we care about it? PhD candidate Zein Murib examines the politics of potties.