Graduate Students

A diverse group of PhD students helps provide the lifeblood of the Center for the Study of Political Psychology and the affiliated PhD minor in political psychology brings together faculty from a variety of units at the University of Minnesota. Below are some of the center's student affiliates. 

Name Department Interests
Rafael Aguilera Social Psychology  
Paula Armendariz Political Science Comparative politics, political psychology, Latin American politics
Karine Belarmino Lourenco da Silva Political Science  
Wen Bu Social Psychology Racial attitudes, racial identity, and political attitudes of racial minorities; psychology and law; measurement of racial attitudes
Hui (Max) Bai Social Psychology Values, ideological orientation, inter-group attitudes, social change
Sarah Cox Social Psychology  
Zack Crowley Political Science Personality predispositions, environmental context, authoritarianism, rural consciousness, political engagement
Hyerin Han Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Ideological orientation, party identity, racial attitudes
Rachael Houston Political Science Public opinion, judicial behaviors, media effects
Katrina Heimark Political Science Comparative politics, criminology and criminal justice, Latin American politics, political psychology
Clara Juarez Miro Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Populism, nationalism, online communities, news media
Hannah Kim Political Science  
Kristen Lunz Trujillo Political Science Political psychology of groups and identities, particularly of rural identity, health and science attitudes, and misinformation
Molly Madzelan Social Psychology  
Michaele Myers Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Political communication, political psychology, mass media effects, science communication, quantitative methodology & statistics
Madeline Salucka Political Science  
Penny Thomas Political Science  
Zeke Wright Political Science Public opinion and political behavior, political psychology