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The Center for the Study of Political Psychology brings together faculty from a variety of units at the University of Minnesota. The CSPP core faculty are currently drawn from the Department of Psychology, the Department of Political Science, and the Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication. CSPP also includes affiliated faculty with interests in political psychology from these units and many others throughout the University.

CSPP Director

Name Email Department Interests
Chris Federico
Director, CSPP Psychology, Political Science Social-psychological foundations of ideology and belief systems, racial attitudes, political sophistication

CSPP Core Faculty

Name Email Department Interests
Eugene Borgida Psychology Attitudes and social cognition, psychology and law, political psychology
Paul Goren Political Science Political sophistication, personal and political values, voting behavior, race and the welfare state
Danielle K. Kilgo Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Marginalized communities, media portals, visual effects
Howard Lavine Political Science Personality and politics, partisanship, political persuasion, ambivalence, and authoritarianism
C. Daniel Myers Political Science Deliberation, political
communication, and experimental methods
Albert Tims
Professor Emeritus Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication The role of media in adolescent political socialization, public opinion formation and change, and political advertising
John Sullivan
Professor Emeritus Political Science Political tolerance, political psychology, elections, American politics, electronic communication
Benjamin Toff
Director of Graduate Studies, Political Psychology Minor Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Public opinion, political communication, and changing journalism norms and practices
Emily Vraga Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication Social media, misinformation, disagreement, media literacy, and biased processing


CSPP Affiliated Faculty

Name Email Department
Pat Avery Curriculum & Instruction
Sid Bedingfield Journalism & Mass Communication
Avner Ben-Ner Carlson School of Management
Karlyn Campbell Communication Studies
June Carbone  Law School
Penny Edgell Sociology
Sarah Gollust School of Public Health
Claire Hill Law School
Marti Hope Gonzales Psychology
Larry Jacobs Political ScienceHumphrey School of Public Affairs
Paul Johnson Information & Decision Sciences
Herbert Kirtzer Law School
Wendy Rahn Political Science
Alex Rothman Psychology
Francis Shen Law School
Joe Soss Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Mark Snyder PsychologyCSIS
Marco Yzer Journalism & Mass Communication