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Olman Blends Class Project and Textbook Development

In Spring 2020, Cheryl Olman, PhD, asked her students in PSY 3031, Introduction to Sensation and Perception, to develop the textbook for the course using all open access materials. In doing so, the students were able to more deeply engage with the course content, as well as learn about openly licensed materials, open-access materials, and re-using content. With help from the University Libraries, their crowd-sourced textbook is now available online.

Frazier Quoted in the Star Tribune

Patricia Frazier, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota was quoted in the Star Tribune on July 25th. The article, titled “‘One day at a time’: To weather pandemic, learn how to bounce back”, discusses the importance of resilience in dealing with COVID-19. The article quotes both experts and individuals that have dealt with extremes who recommend that we look for joy in the little things and look toward the future.

Syed on Psych Sessions Podcast

Moin Syed, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota appeared on the Psych Sessions podcast. In the episode entitled, “How can I make changes to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion at the departmental and classroom level?” Syed speaks about how to be more inclusive at both the departmental and individual course levels.

Famlee Lab Research Influencing How the U is Responding to the Pandemic

The Famlee Lab, directed by Richard Lee, PhD in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, recently surveyed students, faculty, and staff about their social and personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the university's response to the pandemic and the impact of social distancing and remote learning/work on health and wellness.