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Photo of Shelby Wilcox in a lab

Sharon Borine Award Winners

Meet the three psychology undergraduate students—Abigail Barthel, Shelby Wilcox, and Feng Gooi—who received the Sharon Borine Award in fall 2016. These awards are given each semester and acknowledge undergraduate seniors whose final submissions for their major project course are of the highest quality.
Jeff Simpson standing in front of a bookshelf

Relationships at a glance: Trust, security, and emotional well-being

Social psychology professor Jeffry Simpson’s areas of research include attachment processes, social influence in relationships, social development, and health outcomes. He studies how relationships work within a psychological model based on attachment theory, which claims there are basically three types of people: secure, avoidant, and anxious.
Portrait of Professor Cheryl Olman in front of a curtian.

Science After School: Raising Our Next Generation of Scientists

Associate Professor Cheryl Olman started a new class that pairs University of Minnesota undergraduates with 7th and 8th graders at Murray Middle School to create their own science fair projects. Through the class, the undergraduates learn to be supportive mentors by working with younger students, while the middle school students learn to understand basic scientific ideas by working one-on-one with the undergraduates.
Black and white photo of Dessa singing into a microphone

Dessa Hits a Career Milestone with Orchestra Hall Performance

Philosophy alum Dessa’s sold-out orchestral debut was met with broad acclaim. The concert’s narrative about jettisoning old love was fueled, in part, by a neuroscience collaboration with the University’s Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. Associate Professor Cheryl Olman (psychology) and researchers Andrea Grant (radiology) and Philip Burton (CLA) started working with Dessa last November to turn her brain into art for an evening of entertainment and education.
Photo of Sophie Grieger in a winter coat with trees and a hill in the background.

Memories in Munich

Senior Sophie Grieger began her journey with German much later than most who study a foreign language, but she hasn’t let that hold her back. Just one year after she started taking German language classes, Grieger earned a GSD scholarship to study abroad through the Junior Year in Munich program.
Nicola Grissom Image

Understanding Autism

New Assistant Professor Nicola Grissom studies mice to help us understand the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, in humans. “The more we understand how the brains of people with autism are different, the more we can help them adapt to the world,” she says.