Past GOF/DANS Professors


Matti Jutila

Department of Political Science

Dr. Jutila’s main unifying theme of his research has been nationalism; how it affects contemporary world politics and the construction of political communities. His doctoral research investigated how transnational governance of the rights of national minorities has challenged nationalism externally by circumscribing the sovereignty of nation-states, and internally by challenging the idea of national homogeneity as the foundation of political communities. He has also analyzed securitization and desecuritization of national majority-minority relations, focusing especially on the role of historical narratives and myths in these processes. He serves as the editor-in-chief of Kosmopolis: Finnish Journal of Peace Research and World Politics (quarterly refereed journal publishing articles in Finnish and Swedish).


Erkki Huovinen 2009-13

School of Music

Erkki Huovinen holds a PhD and master's degree in musicology as well as a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Turku, a multi-disciplinary scientific university in Finland. He has held professor posts at the University of Turku and at the Åbo Akademi University, the Swedish-language university of Finland. After completing his doctoral dissertation in 2002 on a topic concerning music perception and cognition, his research has spanned the philosophy of music, ancient Greek music theory, the methodology of music analysis, as well as musical improvisation. Huovinen has been published in the British Journal of Aesthetics, Music Analysis, Philosophy of Music Education Review, Music Theory Spectrum, Empirical Musicology Review, and in a number of Scandinavian journals.


Minna Rainio, 2009-11

Department of Art

Minna Rainio is a photographer and media artist based in northern Finland. She studied photography at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England (BA) and audiovisual media culture at the University of Lapland (MA). At the moment she is working on her PhD in the Elomedia research school (University of Art & Design in Helsinki). In her art, Rainio combines the use of photography or video with fact and fiction to deal with the social and political issues relating to people's personal histories, stories, and memories. Read More