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Graduate Students - PhD

Current Students 

Name Email Specialties
Katie Bangert Child language; Language intervention; Autism spectrum disorder
Min-Kyoung Choi Speech perception of bilinguals (especially, late bilinguals as second language learners): endogenic and exogenic factors that affect the speech perception in second language learners; Lexical process in second language learners
Coral Dirks Cochlear implants; Speech perception; Binaural hearing
Steven Gianakas Speech and language processing in listeners with hearing loss
Timothy Huang
Child language, social communication, and autism spectrum disorder; Comprehension of indirect answers in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Chieh Kao Developmental speech and emotional prosody perception in infancy and the corresponding neural mechanisms; Audiovisual speech perception and its neural correlates in second language learners
Alix Klang Sensory aids; Speech perception and recognition
Kirstin Kuchler Child language assessment and intervention: focusing on bilingualism, developing culturally appropriate assessments
Xiaofan Lei Stuttering; Psycholinguistics; Working memory
Kristi Oeding

Hearing loss: psychoacoustics, hearing aids, personal sound amplification systems, aging, optimizing amplification for speech recognition in noise
Bobbi Rohwer Pre-linguistic communication; Early syntax development in complex communicators with ASD; Social determinants of health and its effects on SLP and ASD-related services
Matthew Waggenspack Processing strategies used in sensory aids for the treatment of hearing loss; Identification of risk factors for the development of hearing and balance disorders

Recent Graduates

Name Dissertation Title
Shriya Basu Influence of cognitive variables on sentence production in school-age children who stutter
Heekyung Han The effects of fundamental frequency (F0) contours on the intelligibility benefit of clear speech in native English and native Korean talkers  
Trevor Perry Self-adjustment of hearing aid amplification: Listener preferences and speech recognition performance
Jocelyn Yu Improving the precision and application of speech diagnostic tests
Luodi Yu Thesis: An electrophysiological investigation of linguistic pitch processing in tonal-language-speaking children with autism