Graduate Students - PhD

Current Students 

Elizabeth Ancel
Steven Gianakas
Miriam Kornelis
Kirstin Kuchler
Hae Ji Lee
Michael Smith
Dana Urbanski
Olivia Vruwink
Harley Wheeler
Eugene Wong

Recent Dissertations

Name Dissertation Title
Katie Bangert A comparison of respiratory sinus arrhythmia in children with autism or typical development across communicative and cognitive contexts
Shriya Basu Influence of cognitive variables on sentence production in school-age children who stutter
Min-Kyoung Choi Evaluating the mnemonic value of written cues for the phonological memory in late bilinguals
Coral Dirks Using binaural beat sensitivity to describe mechanisms that may enhance binaural interactions in single-sided-deafness cochlear-implant patients
Heekyung Han The effects of fundamental frequency (F0) contours on the intelligibility benefit of clear speech in native English and native Korean talkers  
Timothy Huang Comparing comprehension of indirect answers by children with autism spectrum disorder to children with typical development 
Chieh Kao Emotional speech processing in infants and adults: A behavioral and electrophysiological investigation
Trevor Perry Self-adjustment of hearing aid amplification: Listener preferences and speech recognition performance
Jocelyn Yu Improving the precision and application of speech diagnostic tests
Luodi Yu Thesis: An electrophysiological investigation of linguistic pitch processing in tonal-language-speaking children with autism