What We Can Learn from Racial Inequality in Two Pandemics: 1918 and COVID-19

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Assistant Professor, UMN Sociology
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
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Event Location
1114 Social Sciences

267 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

UMN Sociology Assistant Professor Elizabeth Wrigley-Field will present, "What We Can Learn from Racial Inequality in Two Pandemics: 1918 and COVID-19."

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Assistant Professor Wrigley-Field is a formal demographer and a sociologist. Her work integrates demographic methods, designed to shift perspectives between population-level patterns and individual-level transitions between social statuses, with a sociological approach to the study of inequality, in which multiple dimensions of stratification interact in specific settings. She uses formal, statistical, and simulation analysis to reveal new challenges in recovering information about inequality in the presence of such selection. Her work explores how demographic theory can be revised to incorporate more substantively realistic models of heterogeneity and inequality within populations.

Sociology Workshop Series

The Sociology Workshop Series provides a forum for faculty and students to present work and work in progress across a wide range of substantive areas, theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies.

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