Why Sociology?

A Supportive, Collaborative, and Challenging Intellectual Environment

Our graduates have made distinguished contributions across the country and around the globe for over a century. We are one of the premier departments in the College of Liberal Arts, and we offer stimulating courses and conduct renowned, leading-edge research. In our department, we strive to challenge our students intellectually and help them to get involved in cutting-edge research on campus while supporting a diversity of viewpoints and experiences.

Our undergraduate students learn to work creatively with new and challenging problems, conduct research, develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and learn to communicate ideas effectively both orally and in writing. Sociology is a broad field of inquiry and sociology majors are well-equipped to enter a wide range of occupational areas. We are constantly expanding pathways for undergraduates to conduct their own independent research, participate in community service learning, engage in internships, and join with faculty and graduate students on long-term research projects.

Our graduate students benefit from the dynamic environment of the department, co-authoring and working closely with faculty on externally-funded grants and other projects from the moment students enter the program. This environment explains why so many of our students go on to publish their own sole-authored work while still in graduate school. It also explains why our students do well in the job market. The Department of Sociology provides substantial opportunities for advanced training through seminars, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and instructorships.