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Our faculty and students are constantly creating new knowledge and tackling some of the most compelling issues we face.

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What sets our program apart?

Our sociology community is unique in our commitment to rigorous training in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, our supportive and collaborative environment, and the commitment of our students and faculty to producing work that matters across a broad range of issues.

We have research specialties in a number of areas including Law, Crime, Punishment, and Human Rights; Culture and Inequality; Global, Transnational, and Comparative Sociology; and Demography, Family, and Life Course studies. A glance at our lists of faculty and graduate student publications shows the vibrant work going on in each of these areas, and also the degree to which our work interconnects these areas of research.

During their time at Minnesota, graduate students transition from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge, capable of shaping the world in whatever path they pursue. What are our graduate students doing? Most of our PhDs find jobs in education at a wide range of academic institutions, from research universities in the US and worldwide to small liberal arts colleges. Other alumni hold research positions in government and non-profit organizations.

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