Learning Abroad

For more information specific to studying
Spanish and Portuguese abroad, see our
Learning Abroad Center page.

For general information on programs,
advising, financial aid, scholarships,
policies, and application materials,
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The department strongly encourages all majors and minors to study abroad in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country or territory in order to enhance their linguistic and cultural competency. More than half of all Spanish studies majors study abroad for at least a semester, many of them taking advantage of department-approved programs in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Spanish studies students also study in Puerto Rico through the National Student Exchange program. Students in the combined major are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities in Coimbra, Portugal or in São Paulo or Salvador, Brazil.

An ideal time to plan for study abroad is in the early stages of the 3xxx-level courses, returning to campus thereafter to take several advanced electives with departmental faculty in culmination of the major. Please see a department adviser for information on transferring credit from study abroad.

Study Abroad Appointment

In order for us to best help you, please be prepared for your study abroad planning appointment by bringing the following to your appointment:

  • a list of questions you would like discussed
  • an idea of where/when you may want to study abroad
  • if possible, a list of classes you may be interested in taking while abroad so the advisers can discuss the possibilities of whether or not the classes could work towards your major or minor
  • completed Academic Planning Form for advisor approval, if required by your preferred study abroad program
"Studying in Rio de Janeiro for 12 months gave me an experience I don't think I could have ever dreamt of. The language I learned while doing so has completely changed my life in more ways than imaginable. My host family is now part of my real family. There is nothing I could encourage someone to do with more passion than to study abroad."
-Jenna, Spanish & Portuguese studies
"My semester abroad in Toledo, Spain was an amazing experience. It was new and different, even a bit uncomfortable at first but in the end it was an experience that I will have and cherish forever. The knowledge and cultural understanding that can be gained while studying abroad, both in and out of the classroom, is priceless. My advice to anyone considering studying abroad is to do it!"
-Chalena, Spanish studies