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Scholarships & Grants

Spanish and Portuguese Studies Study Abroad Scholarship

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies invites current undergraduate majors pursuing Spanish Studies or Spanish-Portuguese Studies to apply for a scholarship to be used for Study Abroad during the 2019-2020 academic year (no less than one semester). One scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $4,000 and the recipient will be announced at the end of spring semester.

Eligible Students:

  • Current majors
  • Must have completed or be registered in SPAN 3015 or Port 3003 at time of application
  • Overall GPA 3.0; Spanish or Portuguese GPA 3.5
  • No previous study abroad experience at the university level

Application Requirements:

  • Unofficial transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from Spanish or Portuguese instructor at the 3000-level
  • Resume/activity report 
    • Demonstrate applicant’s engagement with Spanish or Portuguese language studies
  • Application essay (maximum 500 words) to include description of
    • applicant’s engagement with Spanish or Portuguese language studies
    • academic and long term goals
  • where you plan to go and how that program will help accomplish these goals

Submission of Application: contact for information on the application process

Application Deadline:  Friday, April 15th, 2019

For further information, contact Maryanne or Mattia at

To help raise funds for future Study Abroad Scholarships, the recipient will be required to submit a short essay (approximately 500 words) regarding the study abroad experience.

Portuguese FLAS Scholarship

Portuguese studies students can apply for FLAS Fellowships, which provide up to $10,000 toward tuition and fees at the U or up to $5,000 for traveling abroad to Brazil or Portugal for intensive language study during the summer. University of Minnesota students have a phenomenal track record for winning these prestigious fellowships. This opportunity is only available for Portuguese studies students.

CLA and University Scholarships 

As a department in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), the Department of Spanish & Portuguese encourages its students to apply for scholarships available to all CLA students. See CLA's Financial Aid & Scholarships for more information. 

Students who are participating in unpaid internships are encouraged to apply for the CLA Undergraduate Internship Scholarship. These are $1,500 internship scholarships that are specifically designated for CLA undergraduate students who are currently working unpaid internships.

One Stop Scholarship provides links to the Undergraduate Scholarship Search tool. Students in the University of Minnesota Honors Program may also be eligible for national and international scholarships.