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Spanish Writing Center

Writing Center
217B Folwell Hall
9 Pleasant St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Maria Emilce Lopez

Walk-in Hours
Monday - Wednesday
8:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m. &
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Appointment Hours
Monday - Wednesday
10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. &
3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Spanish Writing Center is dedicated to helping Spanish students become better communicators by engaging students in the process of crafting a written essay. The center's objective is to empower students with strategies for writing in Spanish through a process of organizing, drafting, and revising their analytical ideas. We aspire to unite students who desire to be proficient and creative writers in a community with instructors and faculty.

We serve the analytical and critical needs of students in upper-division (3xxx-level) composition, literature, culture, and linguistic classes helping them to overcome some of the difficulties of writing in a second language.

Writing Center Activities

Check the Spanish and Portuguese department Facebook for events, and times and locations of the writing center's activities each semester. Announcements will also be sent via the Advising Listserv.


  • Check the Writing Center calendar for available times, and email or call 612-624-8523 to make an appointment.
  • Leave your name, what time you can meet, your email address or phone number, and what class you are registered for.
  • Since hours tend to fill up, we recommend making an appointment several days in advance, especially later in the semester.
  • Sessions limited to 30 minutes (up to 60 minutes for senior seminar students).
  • The Writing Center is located in the back of the Tutor Lab in 217 Folwell Hall.

Walk-in Service

The Writing Center, in 217B Folwell Hall, has hours listed on the right hand side of this page . The sessions are limited to 20 minutes per person. (The Writing Center is located in the back of the Tutor Lab in 217 Folwell Hall.)

Online Submissions

  • Online submissions are available for students who are unable to come to the Spanish Writing Center during the open hours. The writing consultant may not be able to take more than four submissions per week.
  • Email your paper, no more than 2 pages, as an attachment to In your email, please include the course information, your college (CLA, CEHD, etc.), whether you are a Spanish major or minor.
  • Students are encouraged to highlight passages or use the track changes feature or other notes to communicate as much as possible about where they want help.
  • Please allow at least one to two business days for a response.

The Spanish Writing Center is staffed by full-time instructors and advanced graduate assistants and with experience teaching upper level Spanish courses and a strong dedication to the undergraduate education program.

What We Can Do

  • Read all or part of the paper depending on your needs, goals, or the time available
  • Discuss what works and what doesn't work in the paper
  • Explain grammar depending on your needs
  • Help you discover the questions you need to ask in order to complete your assignment

What We Are Unable to Do

  • Write the paper for you
  • Tweak a particular document to perfection
  • Guess the grade your paper will receive
  • Comprehensive grammar editing or correct mechanical glitches
  • Work on papers that are not part of your course assignments

What to Bring to a Consultation

  • A copy of your paper. What stage of writing are you in?
  • Your own goals for the consultation. What kind of help do you really want?
  • A concrete sense of the assignment. What does the professor expect? A copy of the rubric or assignment sheet would be very helpful.
  • Specific questions for the writing consultant. What aspects or sections of your paper need attention?
  • The will to improve your writing. Did you leave yourself enough time to do a thorough revision before you turn in the paper?

What to Expect

  • We will talk with you about the objectives of your essay and how you might more successfully fulfill those objectives. The process of becoming a better writer is not achieved through writing consultants simply correcting your errors. We will point out general problem areas in grammar, structure, and development as well as providing strategies for proofreading more effectively. You will practice skills that will improve your long-term writing ability
  • Expect us to ask you to identify areas that have been most troublesome in reaching your writing goals and what you hope to accomplish with your writing consultation. Asking questions to get you to think about your paper may be more rewarding that reviewing each line that you have already written
  • We may read all or only part of your paper, depending your needs, goals, and the time available