MFA Funding

25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee (2022), photo by Dan Norman
25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee (2022), photo by Dan Norman

All students accepted into the program are supported with 3-year assistantship packages that include a tuition waiver, health benefits, and a stipend for production based teaching assistance. In keeping with the MFA program’s emphasis on communication, collaboration, and craft, these assistantships offer sustained practical experience that prepares students to work in professional theatre, as well as to teach and mentor others.

Other Funding Opportunities

  • Every year the department offers awards and scholarships for exemplary students.
  • Funds are available to support students presenting research at national and international conferences, or participating in specialized training events in their design area.
  • Design/technology graduate students are also in constant demand by the large Twin Cities professional theatre and arts community where internships and many overhire opportunities are frequently available

Other Resources