Career Exploration

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Career Exploration

Exploring majors, careers, and everything in between can be a lot! We get it. That’s why we’ve designed resources, guides, and other materials to help you make sense of it all.

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Exploration Strategies

Before you jump in, ask yourself What do I want to explore? What are some questions I can try and answer? And What do I need to do in order to answer them? We’ll help you think through possible exercises, from self-reflection to in-person workplace observation, volunteering, and more.

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Career Assessments

Assessments won't give you all the answers or specify for you exactly what career to pursue. But they can provide some insights into who you are, along with some action steps that may be helpful to you as you explore options and, ultimately, make decisions about your academic and career pursuits.

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Connect with Employers

It isn’t often that employers come to you. But it happens frequently here in CLA—in a variety of ways that you will want to take advantage of as you explore your academic and career options (and, of course, when the time comes for you to pursue an internship or a job, too).

CLA Career Fields and Other Paths

Liberal arts degrees lead to successful careers in almost any industry, so at this point in your career exploration, you can let your imagination run wild. Love writing? That could lead to a career as a lawyer or, just as likely, a career in healthcare! Interested in data, or cybersecurity? You could end up finding work in that field with an art museum, or a city government. 

Seeing all the different ways our CLA graduates have used their degrees, we advise students across all majors to consider careers in each of our career fields — arts, business, communications & media, education, government & law, healthcare & science, nonprofit & advocacy, and tech. We also advise students from nearly all majors on preparing for careers in law and healthcare. Let us know how we can help!

Frequent Career Paths from a Major

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