Options by Career Field


Your liberal arts degree—and the Core Career Competencies you build through it—can lead to a diverse range of career paths in a wide variety of career fields. 

Here you’ll find the eight most common broad career fields CLA graduates pursue and learn about some of the career possibilities that exist for you as a liberal arts student.

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On each Career Field webpage below you’ll find:

  • General career information
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • Internship examples and tips for how to gain experience in the field
  • Job and internship search advice
  • Tips on how to build a network
  • Advice from employers

CLA Career Fields

Performing Arts, Entertainment, Visual Arts, Film, Museums

Consulting, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Insurance

Communications & Media
Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Writing, Editing, Visual Communication, Technical Writing

Teaching, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Libraries, Community Education, Religious Education

Government & Law
Pre-Law, Law Enforcement, Paralegal, Lobbying, Public Advocacy, Politics, Local, Federal, & State Government, International Affairs

Healthcare & Science
Pre-Health, Public Health, Pharmacy, Biology, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Physics

Nonprofit & Advocacy
NGOs, Social Work, Counseling, Social Services, Human Services, Social Justice and Religiously-affiliated organizations

Information Technology, Computer Science, Data


How to Explore Majors and Careers
Learn about the many things you can do to better understand yourself and thoughtfully explore your academic and career options.