Internship Coordinator
& Instructor:

Ann Hill Duin
215 Nolte Center

MS and certificate graduate students have the option to complete an internship as part of their program plan. Internships give you a real-world opportunity to contribute to the success of a business or organization while gaining hands-on experience to enhance your formal education. It can also help you build your professional network and secure a job after graduation!

Academic skill areas for technical communication internships:

  • Writing and editing
  • Conducting research in science, technology, or legal issues and public policy
  • Working on computer applications, websites, graphics, and visual presentations
  • Participating in organizational or intercultural communication strategies
  • Participating in information design and project management
  • Developing communication materials for government, education, business, scientific and technical fields, or other related fields

You have two options for internships: a 3-credit approved internship or a non-credit internship. For credit, you can enroll in our 3-credit graduate level internship course, WRIT 5196 (Internship in Scientific and Technical Communication). The internship position must be approved by Internship Coordinator & Instructor, Laura Pigozzi, before you register for WRIT 5196. More information about WRIT 5196, including tips for locating an internship, is available on our internship course site.