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Graduate Students

PhD Students

Name Teaching and Research Interests
Nathan Bollig Composition pedagogies; writing program administration; technical communication
Kari Campeau Medical rhetoric, health literacies, feminist theory, rhetorical criticism 
Alexander Champoux Translingualism, transfer, genre and activity theory, writing program administration
Nicole Ciulla Environmental rhetoric, posthumanism, composition studies, writing program administration
Ryan Eichberger Environmental humanities, digital visuality, climate justice and slow violence, ecocritical pedagogy
McKinley Green Civic engagement, critical pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, cultural studies
Trent Kays Digital rhetoric, social media, internet studies, critical pedagogy, new media, instructional design, open access, postmodern identity, online learning, rhetorical ethics, first-Year writing, social computing, crowdsourcing, community literacy, social movements, digital humanities
Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry Environmental humanities, environmental justice, oil culture, ecocritical pedagogy
Elizabeth Mackey Medical rhetoric and discourse, health literacies, cultural rhetorics and literacies, multimodality, methodologies, spatial rhetorics, professional and technical pedagogy, FYW pedagogies, history of medicine and science
Megan McGrath Critical pedagogy, first-year composition, feminist rhetoric, composing with new media, writing center theory, intertextuality
Tad Patterson Rhetoric of mathematics
Sarah Puett Situated literacies, social movements, critical pedagogy, rhetorical theory, and ethnographic research methods.
Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt Technical and professional communication, usability, open source platforms, technical communication pedagogy, collaborative writing in workplace settings
Jarron Slater Rhetorical criticism, history and theory of rhetoric, technical, professional, and business communication, visual and digital rhetoric, and rhetorical stylistics
Jason Tham Rhetoric and connected knowledge, visual culture, digital pedagogy, technical communication in the digital age, professional learning networks, advertising, public relations, integrated brand communication, social theories, postmodernism, posthumanism
Saveena Veeramoothoo  
Mary Jo Wiatrak-Uhlenkott Rhetoric of law, cultural criminology, law and society, feminism and law, policy studies, media and law

MA Students

Name Teaching and Research Interests
Evelyn Meisenbacher Composition studies, environmental humanities, postsecondary teaching and learning, public engagement with science and technology