Graduate Students

PhD Students

Name Research and Teaching Interests
Caitlin Baulch Rhetoric of expertise, rhetoric of science and medicine, conspiracy theories & pseudoscience, composition pedagogy
Kathleen Bolander Rhetoric of silence, digital rhetoric with special interest in online rhetorical silence, teaching with multimodality, engaged pedagogy, and transformed curriculum
Cody Bursch Writing program leadership and leadership theory, critical pedagogies and first-year composition, critical ethnography, new materialism, space/place and affect rhetoric
Mikayla Davis Composition pedagogy, first-year writing pedagogy, creative writing studies, play pedagogy, multimodality studies, genre studies
Stuart Deets Rhetoric of science, citizenship & democracy, climate change

Asmita Ghimire

Feminist perspective in technology and technical communication, public policy rhetoric, transnational and translingual writing and composition
Emily Gresbrink Technical and professional communication, digital communication design, pandemic and health crisis rhetoric, rhetoric of health and medicine
Jacqueline James Rhetoric of health and medicine, rhetorical histories, archival methods, critical disability studies, embodiment
Brian Le Lay Critical disability studies, design thinking, digital and web accessibility, rhetoric of health and medicine, sensory rhetoric
Eduardo Nevarez  
Jessica Remcheck Digital rhetoric, persuasive technology, rhetoric of health & medicine, visual rhetoric
Carol Saalmueller  
Luke Shackelford Bisexual and queer rhetorics, rhetorics of gender and masculinity, rhetoric of health and medicine, multimodal and critical engaged pedagogy, literacy and first-year writing
Jessa Wood Writing program administration, first-year writing pedagogy, writing across the curriculum/writing in the disciplines, program assessment
Rira Zamani Rhetoric of science and medicine, trust and ethos, scientific and technical communication, visual rhetoric, history of technology and medicine  

MA Students

Name Teaching and Research Interests
Alison Obright Rhetoric of science and medicine, composition pedagogy, rhetoric of risk, writing in the sciences
Rebecca Felter Technical communication, rhetoric of health and medicine, rhetoric of science, digital rhetoric