Center for Writing

Through individual consultations and in partnership with academic departments, the Center for Writing supports students and educators who practice, teach with, and research writing at the University of Minnesota, throughout the state, and around the world. More information can be found on the center's website.

Engaging First-Year Writing: College in the Schools (CIS)

Through College in the Schools, our First-Year Writing program engages over 1000 advanced high school students and their teachers from across the state of Minnesota in this important work of developing their writing as a central practice of citizenship. In total, First-Year Writing involves over 3500 students and offers professional development for more than 100 high school teachers every year through our WRIT 1201 and WRIT 1301 cohorts.

Writing for International Students (WINS)

The WINS program is a former initiative that occurred in 2013-2015. The Writing for International Students (WINS) initiative in the College of Liberal Arts focused on coordinating the teaching and support of undergraduate writing for matriculated non-native speakers (NNS) of English at the university. Activities during AY 2014-15 included offering five additional NNS-dedicated sections of First-Year Writing (WRIT 1301) and two new NNS-dedicated sections of Technical and Professional Writing (WRIT 3562W); hiring graduate assistants to analyze student/instructor satisfaction data in WRIT 3562W and to design a resources website for instructors; and hiring additional personnel in the Center for Writing to meet the increasing demand from international students for Student Writing Support consultations, particularly with consultants with specialized TESOL training. WINS was funded with monies collected from the International Student Academic Services Fee and awarded by the Vice Provost’s Office of Undergraduate Education.