College Leadership

As the largest college at the University of Minnesota, “dedicated to education in the liberal tradition that fosters enriched, productive, and satisfying lives,” CLA leadership takes seriously its responsibility to advance the liberal education of students across the university. CLA’s mission is to guarantee that students are exposed to and become proficient with broad, pluralistic, and complex forms of knowledge. It prepares students to think and act creatively, compassionately, and ethically in their private and public lives and to respond to the needs of others in local and global contexts. College leadership believes that a liberal arts education should promote active, experiential learning; foster students’ intellectual passion and curiosity; and prepare students for their lives after graduation and to take their place as global citizens.

  Name Contact
John Coleman, a man dressed in a suit with glasses, standing outdoors in front of greenery
John Coleman
215 Johnston Hall
Ascan Koerner, a man with gray hair and beard, smiling in a blue button up
Ascan Koerner
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
115 Johnston Hall
Howard Lavine, a man with glasses, posing in front of a book shelf
Howard Lavine
Associate Dean for Social Sciences
212 Johnston Hall
Josephine Lee, an Asian woman with shoulder length hair in a black shirt, posing in front of a red backdrop
Josephine Lee
Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities
212 Johnston Hall
Malinda Lindquist, a woman with dark curly hair in a floral shirt with a gray cardigan, smiling in front of a book shelf
Malinda Lindquist
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
220 Johnston Hall

Ann Meier, a white woman with short blond hair, smiling in front of a blurred out book shelf
Ann Meier
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs
113 Johnston Hall
Janet Bouyer, woman with dark skin and dark hair in a beige blazer, smiling in front of a white wall
Janet Bouyer
Chief Human Resources Officer
212 Johnston Hall
Louis Clark, a man with short hair in a suit and tie, posing next to a brick wall
Louis Clark
Chief Advancement Officer
220 Johnston Hall
Brent Gustafson, a light-skinned man with buzzed hair, posing in front of a backdrop
Brent Gustafson
Chief Financial Officer
208 Johnston Hall
Jamey Hansen, a light-skinned man with short hair and glasses, smiling in a suit in front of a white backdrop
Jamey Hansen
Chief Information Officer
110 Anderson Hall
Jennie Robinson Kloos, woman with short dark hair, smiling

Jennie Robinson Kloos
Senior Director of Operations

215 Johnston Hall