Child holding "Stop Pollution" sign at the state Capitol

Build bridges between campus and community

The College of Liberal Arts does not end at the borders of our campus. As the heart of Minnesota's flagship university, CLA has deep ties to multiple communities: those who work and study with us; those who support us; and those who occupy spaces, both physical and theoretical, with us.

John Coleman, dean

For CLA, engagement isn’t a buzzword, it’s a belief system. We know two-way partnerships with our communities help prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility; and address critical societal issues. That’s why we’ve embedded community engagement in our curriculum and launched new faculty awards to promote and reward cooperative research projects. Together, CLA students and faculty are working with Minnesota communities to build a more vibrant future for us all.

We're Not Just Studying the World, We're Changing It

Photograph of Professor Mark Snyder

Since the election of Donald Trump, volunteering and civic engagement have increased both in the Twin Cities and nationwide, says Mark Snyder, director of the Center for the Study of the Individual and Society at the University of Minnesota.

“Some of it was directed at the plight of immigrants in danger of being kicked out of the country or people losing health care,” Snyder says. “Anything to help preserve the safety net that was perceived to be jeopardized. There was also a surge in activism, political campaigns, and running for office in all levels.”

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