Child holding "Stop Pollution" sign at the state Capitol

Spark collaboration with our communities

Engagement isn’t a buzzword, it’s a belief system. Two-way partnerships with our communities help prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility; and address critical societal issues. That’s why we’ve embedded community engagement in our curriculum and launched faculty awards to promote and reward cooperative research projects. Together, CLA students and faculty are working with Minnesota communities to build a more just and vibrant future for us all.

We're Not Just Studying the World, We're Changing It

Six members of the Voice to Vision team discuss an abstract painting
Discussion of a painting. From left to right: Ben Mchie, Thet Oo Maung, Beth Andrews, Debbie Englelen-Eigles, David Feinberg, and Sima Shahriar.

Voice to Vision: Finding the Unexpected Significance in Survivor Stories

Art is full of meaning, sometimes in ways we don’t expect. David Feinberg, director of Voice to Vision—one of the Liberal Arts Engagement Hub’s 2022-2023 residencies—calls this surprise meaning “the unexpected significance.” This concept is what drives Voice to Vision in its abstract approach as they guide survivors and witnesses to discover and share more about their stories. Read "Finding the Unexpected Significance in Survivor Stories."