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Employers today are looking for people who can solve problems, think inventively, communicate well, consider multiple and diverse perspectives, work nimbly, conduct research, analyze the past, understand the present, and imagine the future.

John Coleman, dean


The Liberal Arts Advantage

Lara Rubbelke

When CLA English major Lara Rubbelke (BA '92, English) was reading great works of literature, she was training her mind to look for algorithms. The skills she developed from her liberal arts degree now help her excel at a job most people don’t associate with the liberal arts at all: principle software development engineer at Microsoft.

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Reimagining a Liberal Arts Education

The impact of a liberal arts education extends far beyond a diploma on graduation day. We want our graduates to be confident that they can succeed as leaders in their chosen careers and in service to their communities. To do this, we’re helping them translate academic experiences in applied settings through research, internship, and service-learning opportunities, giving students practical skills to pursue their goals.


Preparing Leaders

Portrait of James Cho

Alumnus James Cho found CLA's technical writing program created a road to success.

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Get Ready

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