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Attract top students & develop their potential

“We have an obligation to ensure that we prepare students for success in a rewarding life of their choosing, including fulfilling and productive careers and active civic life. A liberal arts education gives our students the tools and perspectives they need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to ask probing questions, to wonder why and what if, and to become empathetic and inventive and future-oriented leaders.”

John Coleman, dean

The Liberal Arts Advantage

We are leading the nation in liberal arts career readiness and helping our students better illustrate the core competencies they bring to their work and larger communities. It’s a journey of transformation that begins in the classroom with dedicated and dynamic faculty and continues through high-impact practices including internships, study-abroad experiences, undergraduate research, and service-learning opportunities. The results? Confident, well-prepared graduates who are ready to create better futures for themselves and their communities.

Reimagining a Liberal Arts Education

The impact of a liberal arts education extends far beyond a diploma on graduation day. We want our graduates to be confident that they can succeed as leaders in their chosen careers and in service to their communities. To do this, we’re helping them translate academic experiences in applied settings through research, internship, and service-learning opportunities, giving students practical skills to pursue their goals.

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A Ripple Effect for Professors

A small change in pedagogy helped writing studies professor Molly Kessler's students gain a lot more clarity from her course. Read her story