Anthropology Courses

The scope of anthropology as a discipline means that our undergraduate courses must cover a wide variety of topics. At the University of Minnesota, you are required to take courses in at least three of the following anthropological subfields:

  • Cultural
  • Biological
  • Archaeological
  • Linguistic

Our wide array of course options makes it easy to fulfill this requirement.

In addition to meeting the major requirements, many of our courses also satisfy CLA degree requirements, such as diversity credits and writing-intensive curriculums. With the breadth and depth of anthropology courses available, students are guaranteed to find classes that both interest them and fulfill graduation requirements.

Regardless of which courses anthropology students take, they can be confident that they will graduate with a well-rounded education, keen writing and critical thinking skills, and a broadened view of our world and the people who inhabit it.

More course information

Regularly taught undergraduate courses can be found within ClassInfo. Please visit ClassInfo for course descriptions.