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The scope of anthropology as a discipline means that our undergraduate courses must cover a wide variety of topics. At the University of Minnesota, you are required to take at least one course in each of the following anthropological subfields:

  • Cultural
  • Biological
  • Archaeological
  • Linguistic

Our wide array of course options makes it easy to fulfill this requirement. Undergraduates can choose to dabble in various subdisciplines of anthropology, or can choose a set of courses that will further hone their skills within a specific subfieldIn addition to meeting the major requirements, many of our courses also satisfy CLA requirements, such as diversity credits and writing-intensive curriculums. With the breadth and depth of anthropology courses available, students are guaranteed to find classes that both interest them and fulfill graduation requirements.

Regardless of which courses anthropology students take, they can be confident that they will graduate with a well-rounded education, keen writing and critical thinking skills, and a broadened view of our world and the people who inhabit it.

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
ANTH 1001Human EvolutionSections [16]
ANTH 1003VUnderstanding Cultures: HonorsSections [2]
ANTH 1003WUnderstanding CulturesSections [8]
ANTH 1911WChanging Human AdaptationsSections [1]
ANTH 2006Humans and Aliens: Learning Anthropology through Science FictionSections [1]
ANTH 3002Sex, Evolution, and Behavior: Examining Human Evolutionary BiologySections [5]
ANTH 3003Cultural AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 3004Great Controversies in AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 3006Humans and Aliens: Learning Anthropology through Science FictionSections [1]
ANTH 3009Prehistoric Pathways to World CivilizationsSections [1]
ANTH 3015WBiology, Evolution, and cultural Development of LanguageSections [1]
ANTH 3023Culture and Society of IndiaSections [1]
ANTH 3035Anthropologies of DeathSections [1]
ANTH 3036The Body in SocietySections [1]
ANTH 3043Art, Aesthetics and AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 3047WAnthropology of Sex, Gender and SexualitySections [1]
ANTH 3049WAnthropology of Social ClassSections [1]
ANTH 3145WUrban AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 3306WMedical AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 3405Human Skeletal AnalysisSections [2]
ANTH 3601Archaeology and Native AmericansSections [1]
ANTH 3913Capstone Project PlanningSections [19]
ANTH 3980Topics in AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 4001Advanced Method and Theory in ArchaeologySections [1]
ANTH 4003WContemporary Perspectives in Cultural AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 4007Laboratory Techniques in ArchaeologySections [1]
ANTH 4007HHonors: Laboratory Techniques in ArchaeologySections [1]
ANTH 4013Capstone ProjectSections [19]
ANTH 4013HHonors ThesisSections [19]
ANTH 4031WAnthropology and Social JusticeSections [1]
ANTH 4043Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings: Archaeology of Northern EuropeSections [1]
ANTH 4121Business AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 4991Independent StudySections [19]
ANTH 4992Directed ReadingsSections [19]
ANTH 4993Directed StudySections [19]
ANTH 4994WDirected ResearchSections [19]
ANTH 5015WBiology, Evolution, and Cultural Development of LanguageSections [1]
ANTH 5045Urban AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 5112Reconstructing Hominin BehaviorSections [1]
ANTH 5113Primate EvolutionSections [1]
ANTH 5121Business AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 5128Anthropology of EducationSections [1]
ANTH 5405Human Skeletal AnalysisSections [2]
ANTH 5450Spatial Analysis in Anthropology: Research Design and Field Applicatio...Sections [1]
ANTH 5601Archaeology and Native AmericansSections [1]

Fall 2019

There are no ANTH courses available for Fall 2019.
Please see for more info.