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Study Abroad

For information specific to studying
anthropology abroad, see our
Learning Abroad Center page.

For general information on programs,
advising, financial aid, scholarships,
policies, and application materials,
please visit the Learning Abroad Center.

While the anthropology department does not have its own established study abroad programs, anthropology majors are encouraged to use the resources at the Learning Abroad Center to plan their own international experience. Learning abroad can be combined with Directed Study credits to enhance academic, intellectual, and career development.

Early planning and consultation with advisors in the Learning Abroad Center along with our undergraduate advisor is key to assuring you find a program suited to your needs and find appropriate scholarships and application materials. With the help of our wonderful advisors, you will also be able to apply courses taken abroad to your major or minor and/or liberal education requirements.

Other Learning Abroad Center resources include:

  • a comprehensive study abroad catalog to aid with planning
  • assistance with travel documents and exchange programs, information on scholarships, and a library of reference and guidebooks
  • application forms for The Student Project for Amity among Nations (SPAN), a program that helps students develop and earn academic credit for their own independent research projects