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Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Anthropology offers Undergraduate Research Awards to help fund research-related expenses specifically associated with the undergraduate anthropology major. The competition for the Undergraduate Research Awards is usually held in the spring every year.

Recent awards have funded attendance at field
schools in the US, the UK, and Kenya, as well
as training in techniques like X-ray-computed

The department also offers several undergraduate prizes for outstanding research papers and contributions to student life:

  • the Neil C. Tappen Prize for best research paper in biological anthropology
  • the Elden Johnson Prize for the best research paper in archaeology
  • the Robert F. Spencer Prize for the best research paper in sociocultural anthropology

Each year, the department also awards the Eugene Ogan Prize to students who have provided outstanding service to the undergraduate anthropology community.

Additionally, the Department of Anthropology awards the Dr. G. Edward Evans Scholarship in Anthropology, which provides financial support for Anthropology majors interested in pursuing North American archaeology or North American ethnography.

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Scholarships in CLA

Students who are participating in unpaid internships are encouraged to apply for the CLA Undergraduate Internship Scholarship. These are $1,500 internship scholarships that are specifically designated for CLA undergraduate students who are currently working unpaid internships.

Apply for other available CLA scholarships.

University of Minnesota Honors Program Scholarships

Apply for the several available scholarships offered by the University of Minnesota Honors Program.