Meet Our Students

A degree in anthropology allows our students to gain skills like critical thinking, cultural awareness as well as gather extensive real-world experience through study abroad, internships, field schools, and ethnography. These opportunities help shape future careers, whether our graduates go on to further schooling or head straight into the workforce. Here are some stories of what our current undergrads are doing with anthropology!

Jesse Paul, Class of 2016

Major: Inter-College Program (ICP) BA (anthropology & product design)
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Amateur snowboarder

I am curious about our ability and need to constantly create and improve. This makes us truly unique to other species. Nothing drastic has changed in our biology over the last few hundred years, but our life span has gone way up. Modern healthcare is only so successful because the body of information is transgenerational and always improving. Every generation creates new ideas, objects, and places that build upon the generation before. In a sense we are product of the things we create and I am interested in how we can use creation to foster a better world. This doesn’t fit into any specific area of study, which is why I love being in the Inter-College Program. I am able to study anthropology and product design, which are two completely different fields. Having the ability to simultaneously study both fields allows me to borrow ideas or insights from each field and strive towards creation for a better humanity.