Undergraduate Minor in Art History

A minor in art history complements many other majors and can add an area of dimension and expertise to your undergraduate studies.

Our minor enhances coursework in African American & African studies, American studies, anthropology, architecture, studio art, classics, communication studies, cultural studies, English, gender & sexuality studies, history, foreign languages, and more. It provides evidence of intellectual rigor, scholastic ambition, and diversity of thought and experience, thus giving students an edge in careers across the creative economy.

Art history prepares a diverse student body for a variety of professional tracks, including the visual arts (e.g., art criticism, art appraisal and sales, art therapy, fashion, interior design, museums, and conservation), the humanities (e.g., grant writing, historic preservation, and philanthropy), media and marketing (e.g., advertising, film, journalism, radio, and television), K-12 and post-secondary education (e.g., teaching and administration), information science and collections management (e.g., libraries and archives in public, non-profit, and corporate contexts), and medicine and law, two fields that have long prized art history alumni for their analytical precision, skills at information mastery, and "right-brain/left-brain" balance.