BA in Art History

A major in art history can be solid preparation for graduate work in this field or related disciplines, but it can also serve as excellent training in close observation, interpretation of visual materials, rich appreciation of artistry from diverse cultures and eras, construction of sound arguments based on solid evidence, and clear communication, all of which are skills that can be useful in a wide range of career paths.

Some of our majors have continued their educations in art history graduate programs. Others have found work in museums, galleries, auction houses, and other areas of the art world. Our majors have been accepted into law, medical, and business school and have found that their training in art history offers valuable and sometimes unexpected perspectives that their fellow students often lack.

Our department provides undergraduates with exceptional teaching by award-winning faculty in small classes and lots of one-on-one attention. We have an active undergraduate organization, Art History Club, which sponsors events, study groups, and workshops throughout the academic year. We offer undergraduate scholarships for study abroad and internship support at local museums. Because we are located in the heart of a large urban area with an amazingly vital arts scene, we are able to develop and maintain connections with a large number of local institutions and businesses that offer internships related to the discipline.

Art history majors who are pursuing honors are encouraged to consider study abroad and student/faculty honors contracts as ways to integrate honors experiences more deeply into their major programs. The department especially emphasizes independent and mentored research opportunities, made possible through arrangements such as UROP, RAships, directed studies/directed research credits (ARTH 3993, ARTH 5993, ARTH 5994), and directed professional experience credits (ARTH 3896).

If you are considering graduate study in art history or related fields, you are encouraged to meet with the director of undergraduate studies for advice in curricular planning, graduate program selection, and application guidance.