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A retro pixel art animation that explores the idea of sanctuary through a road trip.
Stephen Alberts, Road Trip, 2021, Digital animation still (See full animation below)
Animation still depicting two anthropomorphic creatures kissing.
Nathan Brzycki, A Kiss, 2021, Digital animation still (See full animation below)

Digital fantasy print depicting a traveler in a dark forest finding a ball of light. Dark purple trees reside on the sides with a cool toned night sky on top of the print. On the bottom half of the print are some leaves and mushrooms.
Emma Bushard, Travelers Hope, 2021, Digital illustration, 13 x 19 in.
An isometric room at night which mixes fantasy and reality. The left wall houses a bookshelf; beneath it a record player and a keyboard. The right wall features a large window and there are floating objects, sea creatures, and stars throughout the room.
Emily Christensen, Untitled, 2021, Digital illustration
Illustration of a Black woman with a gold crown and gold foil on her skin.
Mimi Dang, Untitled, 2021, Digital illustration
Illustration of an Asian woman with waves for hair and koi fish jumping around her.
Mimi Dang, Untitled, 2021, Digital illustration
Six tarot cards featuring Strength: a lion chasing a fuzzy creature; The hermit: a tentacle creature with a light; Death: a beheaded ghost horse, The lovers: two conjoined slime people: The tower: a crumbling tower with legs; Justice: a creature eating.
Alex Hei, Quarantine Tarot, 2021, Digital illustration, 2475 x 2850 px
Animation depicting the tropical countryside of the Philippines, accompanied with a gentle soundtrack. Animals are shown, including the native carabao and regal Philippine eagle.
Israel Jardin, Bundok, 2021, Digital animation still, 1920 x 1080 px
One image depicts the White House on fire. A sign on the lawn reads “They turned to African Americans to provide the bulk of labor that built the White House.”
Kalaya, Liberation, 2021, Digital illustration
Image depicting a Black man in a jail cell in which the bars have been cut. His shadow and orange jumpsuit lie behind him.
Kalaya, Liberation, 2021, Digital illustration
Illustration depicting a tan, auburn-haired pirate clad in golden robes, clutching the hilt of a broadsword in his right hand and standing in front of a starry landscape.
Reid Luskey, The Society of Recollection: Vol. I, 2021, Digital illustration (pencil, pen, and paper; colored with Adobe Photoshop), 11 x 14 in.
image depicting a middle-aged Black woman with braided grey hair, wearing earth-toned robes and clutching a heavy book. She stands in front of a blurred woodland landscape.
Reid Luskey, The Society of Recollection: Vol. II, 2021, Digital illustration (pencil, pen, and paper; colored with Adobe Photoshop), 11 x 14 in.
This comic tells the origin story of pacemaker robot super heroes.
Jaden McClellan, Heart Heroes Chapter 01, 2021, Digital comic, 11 x 17 in.
 Image of two adventurer brothers who are taking a tour of a sanctuary run by an anthropomorphic dinosaur.
Julian McClellan and Jaden McClellan, The Adventures of Ace and Kane - Sanctuary, 2021, Animation still, 1920 x 1080 px.
A red horror movie poster depicts a young man with a red hood and hunting rifle staring with white eyes. Tree branches curl around him, morphing into bloody jaws with sharp teeth.
Tanisha Petherbridge, Blackwood, 2021, Digital Illustration, 17 x 22 in.

Gif illustration reminiscent of a “romance comedy” manga cover.
Lalita Prachanty, (Mis)adventures in Paradise, 2021, Gif illustration, 5 x 7 in.
A depiction of the effects of war on a person in a medieval fantasy setting that illustrates a battle and its aftermath where the individual is left battered, bloodied and exhausted from the war.
Anh Tran, Warworn, 2021, Digital illustration, 8226 x 5400 px

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May 12 - August 31, 2021

Worldbuilding embraces speculative world-making as an artistic practice. The work exhibited here was created by students in ARTS 3170: Intermediate Digital Drawing taught by Corinne Teed. At a time when we were all forced to reckon with a changing pandemic landscape, our engagement with the fabulous, the impossible, the topic, and the fantastical, both provide an escape and help us to reflect on the world in which we live. Through animations, book arts, comics, and illustrations, students explored themes of sanctuary, mutual aid, apocalypse, and beyond as they pushed against the confines of our current world.

Artists in the exhibition include Stephen Alberts, Nathan Brzycki, Emma Bushard, Emily Christensen, Yang Chen, Ruth Chun, Mimi Dang, Alex Hei, Jaden McClellan, Julian McClellan, Lalita Prachanty, Reid Luskey, Tanisha Petherbridge, and Ahn Tran. Read Jaden McClellan's full digital comic, Heart Heroes featuring the origin story of pacemaker robot superheroes. View the following animations below by Stephen Alberts, Nathan Brzycki, Yang Chen, Ruth Chun, Julian McClellan, and Ahn Tran.






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Regis West Gallery presents work by faculty and students, as well as collaborative projects with arts and cultural organizations. The Department of Art annually hosts the Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards exhibition, in partnership with the Art Educators of Minnesota and the Weisman Art Museum, featuring hundreds of artworks by high school students across the state that spans the gallery's two floors.


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