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Images of plants that spell out Chinese text

Images of plants that spell out Chinese text
Bo Zheng, Socialism Good, 2016, plants (Alternanthera and weeds), 4 x 16 meters



Politics of Weeds
February 20 – March 24, 2018
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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Public Talk with Bo Zheng | 7:00 PM | InFlux Space (E110)

Friday, February 23, 2018
Public Reception | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Regis East Lobby

Politics of Weeds is an experiential exhibition that sparks conversations and shares ways of knowing that center community and cultural relationships with plants that question the politics of weeds. Artists and scholars Bo Zheng (City University of Hong Kong) and Diane Willow (University of Minnesota) are collaborating with Cante Suta-Francis Bettelyoun, Sayge Carroll, Reb L Limerick, Lisa Philander, Koua Yang, and Marcus Young to present this month-long experiential exhibition. Conceived as a participatory, social catalyst, the exhibition presents the work of SEACHINA (Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China), the emergence of a Weed Party collective in Minneapolis/St Paul, and the cultivation of a series of participatory and interdisciplinary collaborations, conversations, teas, actions, performances, readings, and future imaginings. Guided by questions, debates, and embodied knowledge, Politics of Weeds becomes a creative catalyst to explore: how we work with plants to transform politics; how we propagate cultures of resistance, resilience, and re-imagination; and how we form and transform our relationships with plants. 


April 3 -21, 2018
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Saturday, April 7, 2018 
Public Reception | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Regis East Lobby

A group exhibition of 8 visual artists who will receive the Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Minnesota: Andrew Fladeboe, Brittany Kieler, Marc La Pointe, Reb L Limerick, Daniel McCarthy Clifford, Jasmine Peck, Hillary Price, and Dillon Rapp. The Department of Art’s graduate program is highly competitive and according to an outside review conducted in 2017, the studio facilities at the Regis Center for Art are “among the best in the country.” UHN-URTH demonstrates the breadth of artistic vision and the depth of artistic fluency that is flourishing in the Master of Fine Arts program in studio art at the University of Minnesota.

A multi-disciplinary artist whose studio practice includes photography, sculpture and interactive virtual experiences, Andrew Fladeboe uses mythology and symbolism to explore nuanced layers of reality and truth. Reaching across time and space, Brittany Kieler’s drawings, prints, books and sculptures conjure the enigma of human knowledge and its limits. Working in collaboration with found materials, Marc La Pointe allows uncertainty and improvisation to guide his work in sculpture, video, performance and photography. Concerned with relationships between humans and earth, Reb L Limerick engages in interdisciplinary collaborations, vocal improvisation, performance, and video to script and embody Ecca Echo -- an ecosexual pop star. Using sculpture, photography and installation, Daniel McCarthy Clifford draws on his own experience of incarceration in the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to stage a narrative of power, control, identity and commemoration. Referencing the body as an index, Jasmine Peck’s ceramics, drawings, and performance find the edges between internal and external space. From mushrooms to trees, from the mind to the world beyond, Hillary Price maps systems of experience in her paintings, sculptures and installations. Charting a course from rural to urban, from the banal to the chaotic, Dillon Rapp combines discarded materials and discarded paradigms in his work as a printmaker.