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Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
September 8 - October 17, 2020

The Department of Art is proud to present the Undergraduate Scholarship Awards, an exhibition honoring the 2020-2021 undergraduate scholarship recipients and their diverse range of artistic practices. Many of the works seen here were made or documented in bedrooms, basements, and backyards, as students grappled with transitioning to online learning in the midst of a global pandemic. Works in the exhibition engage with the personal and political, offering moments of intimacy, humor, remembrance, and beauty through images, objects, and text.  

$15,000 in scholarships were awarded across this talented group of students including Destiny Bilges, Ruby Cromer, Sarah Duncan, Liz Hilliard, Jordan Homstad, Callianne Jones, Faiso Karie, Magdalene McClun, Julia Reising, Zoe Rogers, Izzy Shinn, Corra Thompson, and Maya Ulrich. The Department of Art would like to recognize the continued financial support for undergraduate students provided by the Joel and Aja Ceramics Fund, the Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship, the Joyce Lyon Scholarship, and the Wayne Potratz Scholarship.

Painting of two figures, one masked and one unmasked, embraced in a hug. The figures are framed by an atmospheric mist and flora with a large hand in the bottom left corner of the picture plane holding the stem of a flowering plant.
Destiny Bilges, Embrace, 2020, Acrylic, carving, ink, watercolor on plywood, 48 x 24 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Black and white photograph of a still life comprised of a variety of objects including books, painting and drawing supplies, other photographs and works of art,  and a prominently featured model skull.
Ruby Cromer, Vanitas, After David Bailly, 2019, 35mm negative scan, 8 x 12 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Image of two artists book, one open and one closed, entitled  "Pocket Survival Guide for Introverts: Live Your Life Well." A sample instruction card for the reader states, "recharge, your way: Connect with somebody. Read, walk, write, stretch.
Sarah Duncan, Pocket Survival Guide for Introverts, 2019, Risograph printed artist book. 2.75 x 2.125 x 0.5 in., Joel and Aja Ceramics Fund Recipient.

Portrait painting of President Trump superimposed  over text from one of his deleted tweets.
Liz Hilliard, Trump Deletes, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 12 in. x 12 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Painting of a large primate attempting to eat a small human figure.  They are set against a red background with double yellow arches and white text reading "McDonals."
Jordan Homstad, McDonal's, 2019, Acrylic paint on canvas,. 33 in. x 22 in., Joyce Lyon Scholarship Recipient.

Six circular shaped photographs depicting three close ups of human skin and hair alongside three close ups of a tree's leaves, bark, and branches.
Callianne Jones, Untitled (Human/Nature Study), 2019, Welded metal, Inkjet pigment prints, MDF, 31 x 14 x 18 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Black and white portrait photograph superimposed  with the image of a beaded necklace.
Faiso Karie, Suureer, 2019, Gelatin silver print, 8 x 10 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

A ceramic sculpture inspired by sea slugs found at the bottom of the ocean.  The piece is heavily textured with impressions of the artist's fingertips.
Magdalene McClun, Newly Found Species, 2019, Ceramic, 24 x 7 x 12 in., Joel and Aja Ceramics Fund Recipient.

Sculpture featuring two interlocking wooden dining chairs that balance on their back legs  to form an X shape.
Julia Reising, Or Was It The Other Way Around?, 2019, Found objects, 40 x 17 x 34 in., Wayne Potratz Scholarship Recipient.

Drawing of two figures in an embrace set against  an abstract floral background.
Zoe Rogers, Untitled (Peony), 2019, Digital drawing, 17 x 11 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Three panel comic showing a figure in nature as both a child and an adult.
Izzy Shinn, Animal Tales, 2020, Ink, grey marker, 3 panels each at 5.5 x 8 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Painting of a large moth with brightly colored eyespots on its two hindwings and a singular eye on its head. The moth is framed by two smaller moths, a moon, and foliage against a dark night sky.
Corra Thompson, Polyphemus, 2020, Ink, watercolor, colored pencil, gel pen on paper,. 24 x 18 in., Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Circular painting of four pregnant figures arranged in a cross-shaped composition.
Maya Ulrich, Woman’s Work Is Never Done, 2020, Pen and watercolor, 19.5 in. diameter, Gay Grossman Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

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We are currently closed to the public in an effort to Stop the Spread of Covid-19.
Learn more about the University of Minnesota’s COVID-19 response and policies.

The Quarter Gallery presents exhibitions of students, faculty, and staff, as well as local, regional, and international artists. The Department of Art holds annual exhibitions in the gallery including the Undergraduate Scholarship Awards in recognition of undergraduate student artistic talent and the Regis Center for Art Emerging Artist Program, an open call to emerging artists to exhibit their work, broaden connections with other artists, and gain wider exposure to the local arts community.

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