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Grand Challenges Exhibition: Voice to Vision
Latin America, Vietnam, and the Holocaust
June 1 - 29, 2018

Saturday, June 16th
Public Reception | 6:00 – 9:00PM
A concert will be held in our In-Flux Space from 7:00 - 8:00PM that same evening.

Voice to Vision is a collaborative art project that captures the extraordinary experiences of genocide survivors and activists from different parts of the world. Each project begins with a team of artists who use prompts to spark memories and share a dialogue with survivors or activists. Some of those prompts include bottled smells, images, drawings, color fields, antique toys, and a tin can full of small objects. These objects not only help to recall a memory, but also bring to light the emotions associated with that memory, revealing a fuller, more detailed story. The team listens intently to each story, working with the survivor or activist to develop symbols and images for use in a work of art. This creative process takes well over a year and involves several sessions to discuss the development of the art piece. Creating vital and significant original new images requires many hours of critical discussions and definitive decisions. Through this process the artists, who may be from different generations and cultural backgrounds, feel a new emotional connection to the experiences of the storyteller. They unavoidably become witnesses and voices of the future. At the end, the art reflects both the survivor or activist's story and the human response to it, bridging boundaries of culture, time, and life experience. It is no longer just historical information that appears in books, but it is now part of their lives. Learn more about the voyage of Voice to Vision.

Voice to Vision is organized by David Feinberg (Director) and Beth Andrews (Associate Director) with the assistance of J. Wren Supak, Michelle Englund, Kimchi Hoang, Sara Feinberg, Peter Lommen. Jennifer Barnett Hensel, Sima Shahriar, Paula Leiter-Pergament, Michele Stahlmann, and Diane Grace Goodman. University of Minneosta student and alumni members include Kristin Anton, Olivia Novotny, Tessa Loeffler, Emma Dunn, Rachel Lindholm. Emily Weber, Dylan Hansen, Michele Coppin, Sabine Darling, Carissa Hansen, Diana Albrecht, Rowan Pope, Antony Lakey, Rachel Quast, Julia Breidenbach, Jane Bollweg, Annie Nickell. Shayna Allen, Kha-Tu Phan, Laura Krueger, Katie Novak, Maykayla Schumacher, and Zachary Schwab. Storytellers include Luis Ramos Garcia, Patricia Ariza, Carlos Eduardo Satizabal, Ernesto Silva, Eduardo Cabrera, Karen Roa, Fredy Frisancho, Nohra Gonzalez, Arístides Vargas, Pepe Bable (Spain), Dr. Gary Christenson (University of Minnesota), Demetrio Anzaldo, Davide Carnevali (Italy), Gerson Guerra, Paulo Guerra, Nelsy Echávez-Solano, Luis (Poli) Hernando Forero, Camila Scudeler, Carlos Robles, Carmina Martinez, Esther Winthrop, Harvey Winthrop, Mike Newman, Claus Newman, Nancy Newman, Lucy Smith, Kimchi Hoang (participating artist and storyteller), Luong La, Anh Tuyet Tran, CamTu Nguyen, Danh Lam, Hien Vo, Hung Le, Phuoc Bao Hoang, Thanh H. Vu, Thomas Cao, and Vong Duong. Voice to Vision: Latin America, Vietnam, and the Holocaust is made possible by the University of Minnesota's Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grant.

Somali Youth Photography
July 12 - 31

Thursday, July 12th
Public reception in the evening