Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can I ask if my questions have not been answered here?
​Send us an email at

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Can I attend part-time?

No. Because of funding, we can only accept students who can commit to attending full-time.

Do I have to accept funding?

Yes. We cannot admit students who do not accept either a teaching assistantship or a fellowship.

What is the deadline?

See our How to Apply page.

How do I send my transcripts?

The Graduate School application will provide instructions for how to upload transcripts.

Can I mail my transcripts?

No. We do not accept mailed transcripts.

How do I solicit recommendations?

Within the graduate school application, you will be prompted to enter the email address of your recommender(s). The system will then solicit a recommendation from each contact. You will also be asked to provide this information in the Slideroom application, but it is only for backup purposes.

Who should the recommendations be from?

Great question! Generally, prospective students provide recommenders who are familiar with the prospective student’s work and who have some knowledge of contemporary practice.

Can I apply to multiple areas?

Yes. On the application, you will be asked to indicate which of the four areas of study you practice in, and you can select more than one if you are presenting work for multiple areas in your application.

What kind of work should be in my portfolio?

Submit your best work! Information about file formatting and options can be found in the Slideroom application.

Is it better to have a lot of work that has a similar voice or appearance or to show a more diverse grouping?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the studio practice of each applicant. If you work in multiple disciplines, you may choose to submit a portfolio that reflects that, especially if you are seeking application to multiple areas. Our best and most comprehensive answer is to submit the best work.

When will I find out about admissions decisions?

Finalists and alternate candidates will be notified of their status in early February.

Is there a separate application for fellowships or graduate assistantships?

No. The slideroom application includes questions about fellowship eligibility as well as questions about skills related to matching students with graduate assistantships.

Can I teach as part of the program?

At this point, we do not guarantee an opportunity to teach as instructor of record for a course, but this opportunity may be available to interested students especially in the summer semesters.

What is the cost of the application?

$75 for the graduate school application and $10 for the Slideroom portion of the application.

Is it possible to get a fee waiver?

Unfortunately, no.

Where can I get more information about TOEFL requirements?

TOEFL scores are received in the Graduate School application. You can contact the Graduate School for more information.

What are the size restrictions or recommendations for images/video/etc.?

See the Slideroom application.

What parts of the U of M graduate school application do I need to complete?

See our How to Apply page.

Can I meet with the Director of Graduate Studies?

Unfortunately, the DGS is a faculty member with teaching responsibilities who spends a significant amount of time working with current graduate students. She is unable to make individual appointments with prospective students.

Can I meet with someone to get feedback on my portfolio?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide feedback for prospective students, so we encourage applicants to seek advice from former faculty or other trusted/knowledgeable sources.

What kinds of classes are offered in the graduate program?

Most of the 64 credits are comprised of elective studio credits, but the program does require four seminar courses, a thesis research and writing course, and six credits outside of the major. See more information about our degree requirements.

Do I need to take the GRE?


Can international students be considered for fellowships or graduate assistantships?

International students are not eligible for the DOVE fellowship, one of the two possible fellowships. However, international students are eligible for the CLA Graduate Fellowship (there is no additional application for this fellowship; the committee nominates). International students are also eligible for graduate assistantships.

If I’m offered admission, when do I need to decide by?

We require students to accept admission by April 15.

If I’m an alternate, what does that mean?

It means that you may be offered admission. Because finalists have until April 15 to accept offer of admission, alternates may not learn of a change in their status until this time. 

Do you offer a low-residency option for this program?

No. Sorry!