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Meet Our Graduate Students

Andrew Fladeboe


Andrew Fladeboe is a first-year MFA candidate who primarily works in photography. Prior to starting this program, Andrew was awarded a 2014 Fulbright Fellowship to New Zeland, during which he undertook postgraduate study in a one-year Honours program at the University of Canterbury. His work from this time is featured in a solo show at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, in New York City

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, Untitled Install

Michael Johnson’s object-based paintings reflect an obsessive investigation with experimental processes, materiality, form, surface, and illusion. Derivatives can be traced to an interest in Contemporary Abstract Painting, Minimalism, the Light and Space movement, Geometry, and The Everyday while strictly functioning as tangible artifacts of the Artist at work in the studio. Past exhibitions include Waiting Room Minneapolis, The Rueff Galleries at Purdue University, Stevens Square Center for the Arts, Anchor & Eve Chicago, The Quarter Gallery, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, and The Hillstrom Museum of Art. Michael was born and raised in Willmar, Minnesota and earned his undergraduate degree from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2010. He spent some years living and working in Chicago before moving back to Minneapolis to pursue his MFA. 

Joe Krasean

Joe Krasean, True Positive, 2014

Joe Krasean is a multi-media artist from Minnesota. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2005 from the University of Minnesota, Krasean worked in Las Cruces, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. He is the recipient of a U of M CLA Graduate Fellowship. His work was recently featured in “GLOBALE,” at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

Brittany Kieler

Brittany Kieler, Voorhees, 2015

Brittany Kieler is interested in encounters that one might have with a new object, being, land, or concept and in the pursuit of documenting them. She considers the print as a nomadic site for self-guided education and as a repeated object that must, by nature, be created and understood communally. 

Marc La Pointe

Marc LaPointe, I Didn't Know How Much it Weighed Then Again I've Never Taken It Home, 2013

Marc La Pointe is a hoarder and a thinker. Fundamentally interdisciplinary, Marc uses a range of material and conceptual approaches to negotiate and undermine perceptions of stability and comfort. Rather than offering answers, his studio practice is empowered by the goal of inciting questions that expose the disconnection and threat within structures of intimacy and safety.

Reb L. Limerick

Reb Limerick, Meet Pi Phyllis Brissleback, 2015

Reb L. Limerick is a multi-media performance artist and first-year MFA candidate in the area of Interdisciplinary Art and Social Practice. She studied experimental film/video and writing at UC San Diego, graduating with a BA in visual arts media and earning Magna Cum Laude honors. RebL’s loopy character-driven maximalist musical storytellings aim to locate and explore breaches and recursively engage the spectator! 

Danny McCarthy

Danny McCarthy, Untitled, 2015

First-year MFA candidate Danny McCarthy is a multidisciplinary artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He holds a BFA in studio as well as a BA in art history from the University of New Mexico.  McCarthy is the recipient of numerous grants and endowments; his work can be found in a growing number of private collections. 

Nina O'Leary
Nina O'Leary

Nina O'Leary is in the Photo & Moving Images discipline. O'Leary graduated with honors and as a scholar of the college from the U of M, Morris in 2015 with a degree in Studio Art & Art History. She is currently under contract with Michigan State University Press to publish a book of her photographs and interviews of Native American college students across the US. She is attending the University of Minnesota as a DOVE Fellowship recipient.

Jasmine Peck

Jasmine Peck, Self Portrait on Half Sphere, 2013

Jasmine Peck is a first-year MFA candidate that explores the intersection of ceramics and drawing. Her work examines the constructed layers of conscious and unconscious thought, memory, and experiences that cumulate into a singular version of reality. She received her BFA from the University of Wyoming in 2014, and completed a one year post-baccalaureate program in ceramics before attending the University of Minnesota.

Alex M. Peterson

Alex Petersen, Intertwined, 2014

Iowa-born, Minneapolis-residing artist Alex M. Petersen creates highly refined graphite drawings and painted imagery that unapologetically presents topics of sexuality and primal instincts. Much of his work explores human nature through a subversive look at animal behavior, and draws out our inner wants and worries through a raw depiction of human desire.

Hillary Price

Hillary Price, Only the Most Brutal of Pretty Jane, 2014

Enthralled by the memory functions of the mind, Hillary Price seeks to replicate the way in which the mind operates. She works with a range of materials and paint to capture the erratic nature of reminiscences. Choosing to be in dialogue with the ever changing developments in neuroscience, she is constantly adjusting the approach that she uses to create an experience that will allow viewers to connect not only to the memories being displayed but their own.  

Dillon Rapp

Dillion Rapp, Suddenness in Nothingness, 2014

Dillon Rapp joined the University of Minnesota MFA program the fall semester of 2015. He completed his undergraduate studies at CSU Chico receiving a BA in art education and a BFA in printmaking. In 2013, he received the AMAMINA grant to teach art lessons at the Nasi Community Center in Amami-Oshima, Japan. His work can be found in the collections of the Janet Turner Print Museum and the Museum of Northern California Art (monca). 

Emily Swanberg
Emily Swanberg
Interior Pediment, National Archives Building, Drywall, pine, chipboard, drywall screws, & pallet, 56” x 26” x 47”, 2015

Emily Swanberg's work is influenced by the environments, histories, and materials inherent in architecture and design. She uses primarily sculpture to explore the psychology and deconstruction of built environments, pushing towards a fresh examination of assigned meaning. She received her BFA as well as a BA in Psychology from Bethel University in 2016.

Xavier Tavera

Xavier Tavera, Caballo, 2015

After moving from Mexico City to the United States, Xavier Tavera learned what it felt like to be part of a subculturethe immigrant community. Subjected to alienation has transformed the focus of his photographs to share the lives of those who are marginalized. Images have offered insight into the diversity of numerous communities and given a voice to those who are often invisible. Tavera has shown his work extensively in the Twin Cities, nationally and internationally including Chile, Uruguay and China. His work is part of the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Plaines Art Museum, Minnesota Museum of American Art, Minnesota History Center, and the Weisman Art Museum. He is a recipient of the McKnight fellowship, Jerome Travel award, State Arts Board, and Bronica scholarship.

Asia Ward
Asia Ward

Asia Ward works between the realms of science, art, and education. Through her work with the Science Museum of Minnesota, REcharge Labs, and grant funded residencies and projects, Asia creates public art projects and educational activities about the environment, water systems, and electric power production. Recently Asia was involved in two large public art projects, the downtown St. Paul spectacle called the Plume Project, Plume Coloring Contest, and a 27’ solar powered sculpture Solar Tree at Franconia Sculpture Park.