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International Programs

Berlin ballroom.

Berlin ballroom.
Photo by Xavier Tavera, who was awarded a Berlin Artist Residency in Summer 2015. His project aimed to document ballrooms in the city through still photos, video and 16mm film.

Graduate students are eligible for research funds that support national and international travel. The department has numerous international partnerships and residency programs with peer institutions abroad, and is continually expanding these connections.

Berlin Artist Residency

Currently, two Berlin Artist Residencies are awarded to MFA students in the first or second years of their MFA program during the summer. This program is funded through the Center for German and European Studies (CGES), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Department of Art. The six-week Berlin residencies provide academic credit toward your MFA program. Students submit applications in the spring, and two candidates are awarded up to $4,500 in reimbursable expenses to provide funding for airfare, housing for the duration of the residency, travel insurance, local transport in Berlin, and a materials stipend of approximately $500.

Karlsruhe Exchange

We have recently begun to offer an exchange opportunity with the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany. As part of this program, two students from Karlsruhe study in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota for six weeks in the fall, and two U of M graduate students study in Karlsruhe in the spring.

University of Dundee at Duncan of Jordanstone - Scotland

“I do a lot of recruitment work in North America and I started to make links with the University of Minnesota. I visited their campus and have presented many presentations. It must have worked because we have two students from there, Addison Galagan and Ricardo Bennett-Guzman. When I go out to America I talk all about our amazing studios at Duncan of Jordanstone and what we have to offer. I can talk, hand on heart, about how much I love Scotland.”