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Placement Testing Dates
Spring 2021

Monday December 7

Monday January 11

Email Katrien Vanpee to sign up for placement tests.

The following students must take a placement test before registering for Arabic classes:

  • Transfer students who have taken Arabic at other institutions and wish to continue their Arabic studies at the University of Minnesota
  • Students who have not taken the prerequisite for an Arabic class beyond first semester but who wish to test in
  • Students who completed their last U of M Arabic course more than three semesters ago
  • Students returning from an Arabic study-abroad experience who wish to continue their Arabic studies at the U of M, or who wish to count their study-abroad Arabic course as an elective toward the minor

The placement test includes a reading, listening, writing, and grammar component, as well as an individual oral interview. The oral interview is taken prior to the other components of the exam.

Placement tests must be taken before the first day of the semester.

Proficiency Exams

Upon completion of the intermediate level, students may choose to take a language proficiency exam (LPE). Completion of the LPE is noted on students' transcripts. The LPE examines students in the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The LPE is administered by the CLA Language Center located in Jones Hall; the oral component is taken within the Arabic program.

Arabic LPEs are offered on fixed dates at the start and end of every semester. To register for an LPE, visit the Language Center Testing Program.