Hindi and Urdu students are engaged in various extra-curricular activities, including attending musical recitals, film nights, and the Hindi and Urdu Conversation Club. The student club is designed to help Hindi and Urdu learners improve their skills through informal meetings and discussions on varied topics about Hindi- and Urdu-speaking countries. The club, which is composed of Hindi and Urdu students, meets weekly to improve their oral and aural skills. Due to the number of different topics discussed at the meetings, participants are exposed to various cultural aspects of Hindi and Urdu speaking countries.

The Hindi and Urdu Conversation Club holds various cultural programs in partnership with the Hindi and Urdu Program and AMES. As a part of outreach activities in the past two years, the club has co-sponsored Bollywood Film Night and the Hindi and Urdu poetry recital competition.

Questions about the Hindi and Urdu Conversation Club?
Please email Osama Hussain at hussa072@umn.edu or Mahima Gupta at gupta309@umn.edufor more information.

Hindi and Urdu Tutoring

Hindi and Urdu tutors are available to students who are enrolled in beginning or intermediate Hindi or Urdu classes and need extra help outside of class. The tutors are students who have acquired an advanced proficiency in the target language and are enrolled in the Hindi or Urdu teaching tutorial. This is a free service; each tutor is paired up with a tutee and tutoring sessions are custom-designed for a tutee’s specific needs. 

Study Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) at the University of Minnesota offers a variety of study-abroad opportunities in India and South Asia.

Miscellaneous Opportunities