Hindi and Urdu Proficiency Exams

Placement Exam
Exam times are independently scheduled.
Contact Meraj Ahmed to schedule
either the Hindi or Urdu Placement test.

The Hindi and Urdu proficiency exams are administered every semester for students who want to test out of the CLA’s second language requirement. There will be only a written component, as most exam-takers are native speakers of Hindi and Urdu, and students who demonstrate good writing and reading ability are considered to generally have good oral and aural skills. Exams are conducted the last Wednesday before spring break during the Spring Semester, the last Wednesday before Labor Day, and the last Wednesday before Thanksgiving break during the Fall Semester.

Hindi and Urdu Placement Tests

Our Hindi and Urdu language program also conducts the Hindi and Urdu placement tests for those who have already acquired the language through other means and want to continue to learn the language at the University of Minnesota. Students will be placed in an appropriate class according to their test results. The tests are composed of two components: written and oral. Please contact Meraj Ahmed for more information.